Investment Properties

We are committed to enhancing the value of our properties by adding value through preservation and augmentation of facilities and services.

Liberty Plaza

Over 30 years, the Company has successfully sustained the relevance of the mall by expanding, modernising, diversifying retail brands and tenants, and offering an enhanced retail experience unlike any other in the city. Presently group holds 83 shops, 10 office and apartments at Liberty Plaza covering over 176,000 Sq feet. In addition, the company owns and manage 5 levels of car park operations of the complex able to accommodate over 250 cars and 100 motorcycles.

New Retail Podium

New Retail Podium Opened in 2015, the space hosts some renowned local and international brand outlets including tea, alcohol, mobile and clothing. Several shops were refurbished during the present financial year to be made available for new leases. Total rentable area of New retail podium approximately 80,000 Sq feet which comprise of 28 units.

One of the first shopping malls of Sri Lanka, Liberty Plaza, is being renovated and extended to give it a fresh new look, transforming itself into a premier retail destination. A new building skin, with integrated multimedia and LED lighting wraps around the dated shopping podium block, transforming it into a visual icon in the heart of the city.

Gasland Car Park

The Gasland car park is chiefly used by traders as a distribution hub for goods transported into Colombo mainly through lorries and container trucks. Gasland is the highest value of the investment property the group holds at present and covers an area of nearly 3 acres in the heart of Colombo.

People’s car park

Located in the roof top of the People’s Park shopping complex which hosts over 300 shops and offices, the car park consists of 185 vehicle parking slots and 80 motorcycle slots. Refurbishment of car park was completed in 2021 with a newly built roof that has been set up with a capacity to house solar power panels which will act as a renewable source of power for the complex.

Agri Spice

Agri Spice (Pvt) Ltd, operates a 102-acre Mahogany, Rubber and Alstoniya plantation at Avissawella, reflecting our commitment to sustainable development through investments in environment-friendly sectors