Colombo Land & Development

Colombo Land and Development Company (CLDC) PLC is a pioneer in mixed development projects in the real estate and retail industry in Sri Lanka. Incorporated as a limited company on 8th December 1981 and listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange on 19th March 1986, its principal activities are the development and leasing out of investment property under operating leases at Liberty Plaza and renting of vehicle car parks at both Liberty Plaza and Pettah locations. The Group also holds commercial space unmatched in terms of strategic location and land extent in the Central Business District of Pettah, which has been earmarked for ambitious development. Its fully owned subsidiary, Agri Spice (Pvt) Ltd., operates a 102-acre Mahogany, Rubber and Alstoniya plantation at Avissawella, reflecting its commitment to sustainable development through investments in environment-friendly sectors.

The main reason behind its successful operation and host of longstanding tenants is the manner in which the Company has managed shareholder expectations along with evolving with macroeconomic developments and challenges, and by nurturing its employees and respecting the environment. Prudent financial discipline and good governance has ensured all internal and external stakeholders have benefited by the value creation efforts of the Company.

Investment Properties

We are committed to enhancing the value of our properties by adding value through preservation and augmentation of facilities and services

Investor Relations

We consider our internal and external stakeholders as key pillars of our success. Managing the impact of our business operations on stakeholders is critical for our on-going growth and expansion.


Bringing synergies through our subsidiaries in creating a bolder future.

Liberty Developers

Liberty Holdings

Agri Spice