Board of Directors

Mr. H A N D Herath

(Non-Executive Director)

Mr. H A N D Herath holds a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Jayewardenepura.

He counts over 15 years of experience at Senior Management level 8 of which had been in the Hospitality Industry and Public Sector Institutions.

Mr Herath is a results oriented and a visionary leader with skills in the fields of Brand Management, Strategy Development, Project Management, Leadership Development, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Financial Planning.

Mr Herath was appointed as the Chairman of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and Urban Investment & Development Company (Private) Limited (UNIDEP) and as the Director of Waters Edge Limited, Lanka Rest Houses Limited, Colombo land and Development Company PLC, On’ally Holdings PLC, Urban Settlement Development Authority and Tea, Rubber & Coconut Estates (Control of Fragmentation) Board.