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Pettah Commercial Development

The Pettah Commercial Development proposes a complete urban renewal to an area of Colombo that would have a dramatic impact not only on the site itself, but also on the surrounding urban landscape. Under phase 1 of the proposal, 49 commercial sites would be built facing the city streets. Each lot would have a front face that would interact with the city and a back lane for additional parking and servicing. The city streets would immediately be transformed by the new facade that would address pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic alike. Such beautification would promote development in adjacent sites facing the road, with this development being a catalyst to a larger urban renewal in Pettah. Each site would be on a typical plot of 6 meters width and a length of 20 meters. On each site would be a building of four to five storeys and a semi basement accessed from a back lane. Each building would be built adjacent to each other, in a modernized rowhouse fashion. To avoid a wall like effect in such a linear development, plots would vary in heights. In addition, some of the buildings would have void decks to allow for view corridors, pedestrian circulation, and an opportunity for a city verandah for cafes, public seating and covered outdoor activities. Each building facade along the site would present an opportunity to project a unique identity. With options to combine sites, those who would have a need for larger spaces are accommodated.

A central parking podium would consist of 3 storeys and a semi basement which would house additional parking. In the next phase this podium site would be developed as a commercial site of a larger scale, such as a retail mall.

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