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Liberty Plaza

One of the first shopping malls of Sri Lanka, Liberty Plaza, is being renovated and extended to give it a fresh new look, transforming itself into a premier retail destination. A new building skin, with integrated multimedia and LED lighting wraps around the dated shopping podium block, transforming it into a visual icon in the heart of the city.

New entrances and public plazas, with cafes, glass canopies, greenery and seating would completely revitalize the surroundings. The entire retail experience is uplifted with new public spaces, upgraded interiors, fresh bathrooms, and unique ceiling and lighting designs. Several exciting new retail spaces will be added to Liberty Plaza. Over the existing car park structure, a new three floor retail and car parking extension would house anchor tenants, with direct connection to the street via outdoor escalators. With the new food court on the second floor, adjacent second floor offices would be converted into retail space. Further, the basement retail expansion would bring together isolated shop spaces into one fully integrated shopping mall.

Additional retail spaces, new public circulation paths and new elevators and escalators, facilitate intuitive way-finding and improved pedestrian circulation and would enable customers to not only seamlessly move within the shopping mall, but directly connect to the adjoining hotel and mixed development sites, similar to other world class integrated city developments.

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